A Call for a United African States [UAS]

The future of every young generation of Africa depends on unity. It is time for the birth of the United African States [UAS]. This is the time all young generation of Africa must come together and make history by supporting the call for the intracontinental referendum to unite the divided African States into a single nation. Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous African Nation for our future generations. Our older generation in governments are passing on, and Africa can no longer remain divided with the colonial prescribed borders in our generation.

You, sons and daughters of Africa, wherever the place of your birth, in the Homeland or in the diaspora, your vote for the call for a national referendum matters, and it’s the key to our brighter future for Africans everywhere. Join us in our new birth for Ubuntu towards unity and progress for the birth of the “United African States” [UAS].”

We, the young generation of Africa stand tall today, because of the century old struggle of Pan African movement by our ancestors who fought for it. While celebrating independence from colonialism is significant and should not be undermined, it alone cannot determine the continent’s future success. It is essential for African nations to look beyond their colonial history and focus on building strong economies, fostering unity, and addressing contemporary challenges with a united front.

Economic Development: Economic growth and stability are vital for the future of Pan Africa. Instead of dwelling on the past, divided African nations should concentrate on policies that promote collaborated trade, joint industrialisation, and sustainable development for unity. A ground root initiatives to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship amongst Africans can pave the way for a prosperous future.

Unity and Cooperation: United front of all African nations is crucial. The future lies in advancing regional and continental organisations like the African Union [AU] into a United African States [UAS]. This unity can address common issues, such that would prevent conflicts like one currently going on in the Congo, national healthcare provisions without reliance on western aids, and well-cordinated infrastructure development across Africa like in China, social welfare provisions to meet the needs of Africans everywhere including in the diaspora, making the continent more resilient and independent of international influences and interference.

Education and Innovation: Investing in education and technological advancement is paramount. African nations should prioritise the development of their human capital, fostering innovation and research, to prevent the brain drain of our talents from emigrating outside of Africa for their economical survival. This will enable United African States to compete globally and break the bond of reliance ‘absolutely’ on former colonial powers.

Governance and Populocracy: Good governance and populocratic principles are foundations for long-term stability. Focusing on accountable leadership with the principle of interdependent legal-relations between the government and the governed in the establishment of a Govox-Populi system of government as proposed in the book: Manifesto of African Corporatist Society, would produce transparency, and the rule of law can help build trust and create a conducive environment for progress.

Socio-Cultural Identity: While moving forward, it’s important to preserve and celebrate African cultures and traditions. A strong sense of our traditional and cultural identity have been eroded by the imposed colonial education upon the African people, and the revival of our Afrocentric religious tradition as practised in ancient Africa can provide a powerful source of unity and pride.

While celebrating Independence from western colonial rule is significant, it’s not enough to determine the future of Pan Africa. The continent’s success lies in joint economic development, unity, education, good governance, and maintaining cultural identity. These factors, when pursued collectively by African nations with a united front as United African States [UAS], would inevitably pave the way for a brighter future for all Africans and African descents everywhere. 


The pressing need for the birth of a United African States [UAS] is a campaign of great importance and relevance in the context of the future of every young generation of Africa. Celebrating Independence from colonialism remains in the past and does not belong to our future as Africans. A United African Nation can be a powerful force for achieving a brighter future for African descents everywhere. Here are key points to consider:

1. Economic Powerhouse: A United African States would have the potential to become a formidable economic powerhouse. By pooling resources, removing trade barriers, and establishing intra-African commerce, the continent would achieve rapid economic growth. This united front would attract more investment and create a larger trade nationally and market internationally, which is attractive to both domestic and foreign investors.

2. Governmental Stability: Africa has witnessed political instability in various regions, often rooted in border disputes and conflicts. A unified African entity would play a crucial role in conflict resolution and peacekeeping, thus fostering governmental stability and security across the continent.

3. Global Influence: A United African States would command more global influence. In international forums and negotiations, such a union would be a major player, able to assert African interests effectively. This is particularly important in addressing global issues like climate change, trade agreements, and sustainable development.

4. Infrastructure Development: Building and maintaining infrastructure is a costly endeavour. A united approach would allow for more efficient utilisation of resources and expertise, enabling the construction of vital infrastructure such as transportation networks, energy grids, and healthcare facilities.

5. Cultural Exchange and Unity: A United African States could promote cultural exchange and unity. While celebrating diversity, it would also provide a common platform to celebrate the rich tapestry of African cultures, further fostering a sense of belonging and shared identity.

6. Health and Education: Collaboration in healthcare and education would improve access to quality services. A united effort would lead to advancements in healthcare infrastructure, medical research, and educational institutions, ensuring a brighter future for Africa’s youth.

7. International Trade Negotiations: A unified entity would be better positioned to negotiate favourable trade deals with external partners. It would set common standards and regulations, enhancing the continent’s competitiveness in the global market.

8. Environmental Protection: Environmental challenges like deforestation, desertification, and climate change affect the entire continent. A united approach would enable coordinated efforts in conservation, sustainable resource management, and climate mitigation.

The pressing need for the birth of a United African States is evident in its potential to bring about our economic prosperity, governmental stability, global influence, and cultural unity. It offers a strategic platform for addressing the many challenges faced by the continent. Celebrating Independence from colonialism does not belong to the future of the African people. Celebrating the birth of a United Africa States [UAS] must now be created. To unite as a single African Nation is the catalyst for realising a brighter and more promising future for the people of Africa everywhere.