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Financial independence is key to a successful Revolution. We rely on voters to fund our revolution and directs our ability to set priorities and take ownership of solutions. With continued threats to Africa’s security and economic resources, the African Union’s reliance on international funding weakened its ability to set priorities in Africa’s interest and we cannot sit back and watch the future of our African younger generation be decided by international corporate bodies and governments outside of Africa.

Our revolution for a “United African States [UAS]” is a revival to accomplish the Pan-Africa aspirations raised by our ancestors. Governments’ Institutions in Africa have failed the Independence struggle or failed to serve our Pan-African intended purpose post-Independence from western colonial rule. African Union relies heavily on foreign countries to fund its activities which results in direct collaborations driven more by Donors’ priorities than Africa’s. Africans are in economic poverty as a result and the subject of mockery everywhere in the world.

Now is the time for a Revolution to transition Africa to its ‘modernity’. With new ideas about Government, Economy, Security, Liberty, and Property, the young generation of Africa are taking charge of their own future.