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Our Objectives

Our older generation in governments across Africa have been deluded by the idea of collaborations with others within the world community.

The greed for money and wealth that plight our human race everywhere on the one hand, and the competitive resilience by some to advance their race above others on the other hand, shadowed the bright future ahead of our current African generation by the actions and inactions of our older generation in governments across Africa.

Today, the year 2024, 124 years after the first Pan-African Congress, the African Union organisation has yet to fulfilled the final and last stage to complete the spiritedness shown by our ancestors for a united African society, both in the HomeLand and in the diaspora, to rise together and fight together to resolving our common problems.

It is our responsibilty to help our older generation in governments across Africa to reach the collective aspirations of our ancestors to unite Africa. We, the young generation of Africa both in the HomeLand and in the diaspora are joining hands to help advance Africa to its modernity and to provide a brighter future for our future generations.

Participation in any form can change our African world ahead, so join us in this revolution to unite all African countries into a single Nation, to an African world where everyone lives to their terms without any outside influences or interventions, to an African world where economic prosperity and collaborations are promoted and togetherness is cherrished.

Pan-African Revolution for the establishment of ‘United African States’ [UAS], is the outset of the solution to all the problems we face in Africa at the present. Every forthcoming generation of Africa is set to inherit the same set of problems, as our current older generation in governments had inherited it, if we failed to resolve it in this generation of ours. 

Pan-Africanism of the 20th century had shown the collective ability of Africans to come together in one populist voice and resolved their common problems for Independence from western colonial rules and self-governance of all African society. 

We, the current African generation in the 21st century must live upto the expectations of our ancestors to fulfil their dreams and aspirations for Africans unity. Join us in this Revolution for Pan-African unity for the ‘United African States ‘UAS’.