Toward Non-Monetary Economic Self-Sufficiency Subsistence

Book Cover: VOLUME 1: Ethnocorporatism
Editions:Paperback - Volume 1: $ 9.99 USD
ISBN: 9781649997920
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 in
Pages: 280

In this first volume of African Corporatism Manifesto, Omolaja brings to life his theories and ideas about Socialism and Corporatism. Modern economic-internetisation, he proclaimed, has brought about a new era of global corporatist-society. Omolaja believes we are no longer in a global capitalist-society, and provides the description of the emerging global corporatist-society. He provides what he called: ‘Transforming Structure of Epoch-Making’ needed for African socio-economic development in the current emerging age of global corporatism. Omolaja provides a new government structure and a new socio-economic system for African States, and argued it to be a strand of the ancient African-Socialism that has been the deep-rooted aspirations of the African leaders to return since independent of African States from western colonial rule. Omolaja argued that our African leaders in the independent Africa in the 1960s had caused offence to the western-mores in their course to reject the western-built capitalism. He felt compelled to offer his apologies to the western-States’ leaders of the 1960s and raised his ‘hat in hand’ as a symbol of his apologies. Omolaja believes that the economic development of Africa in this current generation to achieve the economic self-sufficiency subsistence is associated with the emerging global corporatist economy. He advocates a non-monetary economy and for the abolition of political institution amongst his numerous novel ideas and theories.


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