Govoxical Realities, Altruist Relations, and Social Justice

Book Cover: VOLUME 5: Ethnosocialism
Editions:Paperback - Volume 5: $ 9.99 USD
ISBN: 979-8-88896-693-8
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 in
Pages: 342

In this fifth and final volume of the African Corporatism Manifesto, Omolaja Makinee concludes his theories and ideas about the coming-of-age of Pan-African socialism, which he refers to as the hopes and aspirations of our African ancestors for the ultimate unity of all African nations into a 'United African States [UAS].' He declares a revolution for the current generation of Africa to depose the 55 multi-state system in Africa and to unite all the colonial-divided African nations into a single national body under an ethnopublican nationalism structure. Omolaja provides the transition programs needed to transition into the proposed United African States [UAS] from democracy to populocracy, from republicanism to ethnopublicanism, from bureaucracy to commicracy, from monetary economy to non-monetary economic system, and to institute what he calls 'Resource Utilisation As Constitutional Alternative Currencies' to regulate all African natural resources and human resources under a single economic branch of government where the citizenry electorates, and the working group exercise direct governmental control over their national affairs and to stamp out all foreign influences and neocolonialism from African governmental affairs. To put words into action, Omolaja has created an online opinion poll calling for an intracontinental referendum for a United African States [UAS]. He calls on all young generation of Africa to participate, and the result, which would be presented to the African Union (AU) and all African leaders, to make it clear and demand for its implementation as the voice of the people of Africa both in the HomeLand and diaspora, that this is how we, the young generation of Africa, wish to be governed and design the future of our future African generation. Visit: and make your vote count.


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