Book Cover: VOLUME 4: Ethnoneutrality Of Populocracy
Editions:Paperback - Volume 4: $ 9.99 USD
ISBN: 979-8-88896-694-5
Size: 8.50 x 5.50 in
Pages: 328

In this fourth volume of the African Corporatism Manifesto, Omolaja advocates for the abolition of democracy for the establishment of a populocracy form of governance for a united Africa. He re-examined the theory of ‘populism’ and claimed that populism as a form of governance is the precondition for the existence of all other forms of governance. He claimed that ethnopopulism as a system was practised by the indigenous ancient African communities in different variations but in the same format under the Imperial’s ethnocracy form of governance structure. He raised the leadership rule of ancient African kings or queens with their chiefs that revolves around the day-to-day affairs of community members to be on the line of egalitarian principles and constituted a commicracy. He said that the leadership rule of the ancient African kings falls into a judicial duty, the role of the chiefs fall into the executive duty, community members engage in economic activities as a collective and shared in common under an altruist-system, and community members performed legislative duty through participation with the chiefs in the processes of information gathering and debates at the town square centres where citizens regardless of gender voice their individual populist views, concerns and opinions to aid the judicial rule of the king whose authority was perceived as a derivative of a set of unwritten rules laid down by their ancestors, passed down to the ruling monarch by direct education and spiritual connection. This, he claimed, was different in practice from the western-style Imperial government structure that constituted a bureaucracy under an autocratic rule of the king or queen over the chiefs’ councils and their citizens. Omolaja advanced his theories about African-socialism and premise this manifesto as a rallying cry for United African States [UAS].


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